M249 Clutches and Blue Zone Grenade Strats ft. Halifax – chocoTaco PUBG Taego Duos Gameplay

Blue zone grenades have always seemed a bit silly to me, dear viewer. I find them funny in the same way that fake pockets on women’s clothing do: no one asked for them, they don’t do anything, but they make it look like change and progress is happening. But I have to admit: The chocolate Tacolate uses a blue zone grenade in a very intelligent way this game (and no, it’s not the one at the beginning). This shouldn’t surprise me; I’ve been making the guy’s YouTube videos for almost 4 years and have watched him play PUBG even longer than that. And I wasn’t surprised, really. Just tickled. It made me happy, and I hope it makes you happy too. Also choco’s using the M249 this game and it makes me miss when it was a crate gun. The MG3 and P90 just don’t have the same hutzpah as the M249 does, or rather did. Still, good times. Enjoy! – Beth

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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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